Yashvanth Kondi

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I am Principal Scientist at Silence Laboratories (employed by Deel).

My research interests lie in decentralized systems that secure information in use. In particular, I design cryptographic protocols with a focus on Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC), and Zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. As one example, my work on the DKLs series of threshold ECDSA protocols is used to secure digital assets by using MPC to remove single points of failure.


I'll be at S&P '24 and TPMPC '24 to present my work on three-round threshold ECDSA.
May New paper on identifying cheaters without broadcast, applied to multiparty ECDSA signing.
May Released a blog post on pre-signing with ECDSA.
May Papers on identifiable abort and (the lack of) multiparty hash-based NIZKs accepted to CRYPTO '24.

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